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Free HD Converter 1.7

Free HD Converter 1.7

Aka high definition video format that has a high resolution widescreen display has become a common feature most of the latest camcorders.

Some brands and series camcorders like the Canon HF10 and HG20, Sony HDR-SR1, HDR-XR100 and have even used file formats that require special codec and a high specification computer to be able to play it. HD video file format is MTS, MTS2, as well as AVCHD (AVC with H.264 codec).

In practice, the package often does not include a HD camcorder codec to play HD video files recorded it. Codecs are in testing we did was also not installed by default in Windows XP system kernel. We can play them after installing the package K-Lite Codec Pack.

Some software we've tried to change the HD format video recordings to a format that is more popular. But always require high computer specs. Finally, we found the Free HD Converter 1.7 (output Koyote Soft) is capable of doing the conversion to a choice of video formats AVI, MPEG2, iPod, MP4, and WMV. All can run seamlessly in the same class computer Pentium III 935 MHz, 512 MB ​​RAM, and VGA PCI S3Savage4 16 MB.

This application we value fairly easy to use, also provide breadth of choice for users to specify output parameters (format, resolution, bitrate).

If you want to convert to other video formats, try Free Video Converter 2.9 are also issued by Koyote Soft. Source file format choices include MTS, MTS2, and AVCHD. Source file formats and other output supported are: AVI, MP4, iPod, PSP, 3GP, Zune, iPhone, MKV, WMV, ASF, MOV, QuickTime, MPEG, MPG2, RealMedia, VCD, VOB. However, this application requires the installation package. NET2. (Vincent Bayu Tapa Brata)

Free HD Converter 1.7 is a solution to convert HD video file formats to popular video file formats without requiring high computer specs. The software is easy to use and rich choice of output parameters.




The size of the installation file
3.82 MB


Operating system
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

MojoPac Freedom USB 1.8

MojoPac Freedom USB 1.8

Almost all portable applications are freeware. Up to the time this article was written, we have not found commercial application that created the portable version.

Well, what about a solution to bring aplikasiaplikasi paid into the portable storage media and run on any computer?

One alternative that we ask is using the application output RingCube MojoPac.

Broadly speaking, this application will form a virtual environment Microsoft Windows operating system into a portable storage media and allow it to install commercial applications (or noncommercial) is not portable.

Based on testing, we recommend you use a media store that supports USB 2.0 interconnect for execution can be run relatively quickly.

Provide a blank space in the portable media store a minimum of 128 MB only to a virtual operating system. If you want to install additional applications, provide a large enough free space. Instead, use a computer with at least 512 MB RAM and Pentium III-class processor of at least 933 MHz.

If you want to use for free MojoPac, select the installation file package labeled Freedom. Paid version provides security, printing of PDF, the update (update) security signatures, as well as technical support.

Once MojoPac is installed, open the portable storage media. You should see several directories typical Windows XP system, ie Windows, Program Files, Documents and Settings, and temp. Click streak on the Start icon, then the guest operating system (guest OS) Windows XP in MojoPac will run on the host operating system (host OS), which is on the computer. Access the file storage directory nonportabel application installation and install as usual.

Some virtual operating system management operations you can do via the Start menu> Control Panel in the guest OS. To move to the host OS, just click the Host-Switch button at the top of the desktop layer. (Vincent Bayu Tapa Brata)


MojoPac is virtualiasasi solution to carry and run commercial applications (which generally is non-portable) in a portable storage media. Very helpful for computer users with high mobility.



The size of the installation file
22.1 MB.


Operating system
Windows XP.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 580

Good Prefix

Starting in 2011, Nvidia was a little behind AMD in preparing for his new champion to fight in the graphics card market this year.

However, unlike AMD who began to enter mainstream classes with a variant of his first, Nvidia entered the upper-class variant.

Yes, the GeForce GTX 580 variant is the first variant of Nvidia's prepared to fight for a place with its competitors. Similar to its predecessor, the GeForce GTX 480, this series includes variants of the most high.

Actually there is no significant change from the GeForce GTX 580. Graphics card is still using the base Fermi graphics chip that has been used previously in the series GTX 400. The specifications also tend to be similar to the GeForce GTX 480 series.

But of course there are improvements in some of the side that makes the GeForce GTX 580 is better than its predecessor. For example, the speed of a faster graphics core, memory speed is faster, and more stream processors.

Specifications Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 is roughly as follows.

This graphics card has a core speed of 772 MHz and 4000 MHz memory speed. Stream processor that has as many as 512, more if compared with 480 stream processors on the GTX 480. Memory interface is still similar to its predecessor, the 384-bit. Nvidia graphics chip also rename their Fermi-coded into GF110 GF100 for variant GTX 500.

In fact, it was rumored that the actual specifications of the GeForce GTX 580 is what is the real Fermi that should be invested on the GeForce GTX 480 first. But since that time there was a slight problem, in particular about power consumption and heat, GeForce GTX 480 was launched with a specification that is more benign.

It seems Nvidia has managed to overcome these problems so was born the GeForce GTX 580.

We've done some testing on GeForce GTX 580 graphics card and the result was very satisfactory.

Although on paper the difference specification GTX 580 and GTX 480 is not too much, it turns out the performance generated by the GTX 580 is far superior. The performance is still superior to its competitors like the Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850 (or newer Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850).

Want to know what kind of performance, consider the following test results table. (Steven Irwandi)

Test Results

3DMark Vantage High 1920 x 1080
GeForce GTX 580

GeForce GTX 480

GeForce GTX 470

Radeon HD 6850

Radeon HD 5870

Crysis Very High 1920 x 1080 
GeForce GTX 580


GeForce GTX 480

GeForce GTX 470

Radeon HD 6850

Radeon HD 5870

Heaven Unigine DirectX 10 1920 x 1080
GeForce GTX 580


GeForce GTX 480

GeForce GTX 470

Radeon HD 6850

Radeon HD 5870

Opera 11

Now Richer

Recently launched, Opera 11 has a number of breakthroughs. Breakthrough lies not in appearance, but on functionality.

One of the oldest, but scattered in the back. That was the fate of the Opera browser. Despite having been born 14 years ago, now Opera is still not capable of charming a lot of internet users.

In the past year (November 2009-2010), Norwegian-made browser is as if stuck in fifth position, according to StatCounter. In other words, Opera occupies a role as caretaker than four other top browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even the far left of the "son of garlic", Google Chrome.

Growth in the number of Opera users were volatile. There are times to rise, but slipped a few times. But the score did not change significantly. Opera's market share remained constant at around 2% only. Which skyrocketed even his sister, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Both are very popular among mobile phone users.

Not surprisingly, in recent years, research and development division, based in Oslo Opera to work hard. They seek to create innovative new feature for the alluring, distant markets. Some of them we consider to be most interesting is the Speed ​​Dial (shortcuts to favorite sites), Opera Mail (e-mail client integrated), Opera Turbo (compression of time loading the page so that more hurried), and Opera Unite (file storage in the cloud).

Well, in mid-December, it launched the latest version of Opera browsers, namely Opera 11. To get it, just download the installation file on the site. Big installer for Windows only 7.2 MB - 30% smaller than the Opera 10. There is also a installer for Mac OS and Linux.

Looking at the general appearance, there is no noticeable difference compared to the Opera 10. Default color blue chrome still adorn the window pane. Similarly, relief caused screen display menu and the icons are minimalist.

Opera 11 is more focused on enrichment and enhancement features. One that we like is the existence of plug-ins option on Demand. Checking the box Enable Plug-ins on Demand on the Settings menu> Preferences> Advanced> Content will block the emergence of content that requires a specific plug-ins. The benefit is felt when we opened the webpage that contains one or more Flash animation, such as YouTube or his website Detik.com are often crowded with extensions Flash ads.

Other updates appear in the address box (address box). Opera developers have been more concerned with our safety in the surf. The way through the detection validity and security of every site we visited, are marked with labels Trusted, Secure, or the Web. In addition, Opera gives the spotlight to the site's main domain, thus facilitating the introduction of potential phishing sites.

However, there are three other brand-new feature that we think deserves more attention. All three are Tab Stacking, Mouse Gestures, and Extensions. More detailed reviews we convey in the box at the bottom. (Erry FP)


Since the birth of the 10th version, we have selected Opera as one of your favorite browser. We were impressed by the appearance, convenience, and a number of features integrated in it. The emergence of the Opera 11 increasingly tethered our hearts to him. Provided that the number of application extensions continue to be multiplied rapidly, is not impossible that Opera is able to keep pace than its competitors.

OPERA 11 Specification:

Great Installer
7.2 MB

Opera Software

Web Site

Operating Systems
Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Index Your Files

How to Find Files Fast Having trouble finding files on your computer? If yes, just use the Index Your Files.

This application is very useful if you suddenly remember your memorable photos that have been stored a long time on the computer hard drive and want to look for it. Very useful also if you need a file that is stored somewhere agreement in which the folder.

Sure takes time if you have to look out into the folder one by one. Moreover, if the file that you store the number has tens of thousands of your hard disk with capacities reaching hundreds of gigabytes.

You can just use the search function files in the operating system you use. But, in addition to a long search time, search results will be a list of files by the hundreds, which of course will make you dizzy. Maybe it's time to try the software Indexing Your Files (IYF).

The interface and features contained in this application is very easy to learn. What's more, you can learn to use these applications through a form of flash tutorials that can be accessed through its official website.

The strength of the IYF is the speed of doing the file indexing. To index the drive C: with a capacity of 151 GB with the contents of as many as 218,920 files, we only takes about 7 seconds. The database indexing results is also small, only 4.36 MB. Of course all these calculations depend on the large and the number of capacity digital files stored on your hard disk.

The accuracy and diversity of the search feature by IYF was also deserves thumbs up. Almost all recognize the file type. If you remember the file name you are looking for, just type the name in the fields. Then, click the Search button. The search results will come out soon.

You can even search by modification date or file based on file size you're looking for. You can even find files based on content contained therein. For example, do a search based on the ID3 tags of MP3 files (based on the title song, singer, musical genre) or based on photographic metadata to search results (eg, camera type, exposure level, the amount of ISO).

At the bottom of search results, you can do a preview (the preview). You can view the file search results one after another or simultaneously via the thumbnail view. You can even play a song or movie in this feature.

IYF also have to recognize the hidden files (hidden files). The speed of the search itself depends on the type and search restrictions that you apply. (Singgih WM - Contributor)


IYF has many advantages, ranging from views that are easy to learn, speed indexing and search, the accuracy of the results, various features of the search limits, until the facility Preview. There is also a portable version of the IYF to put into flash. Freeware been translated into 14 languages ​​can be used as one of the must-have software.

Specifications Index Your Files
Type: Freeware
Great Installer : 1.4 MB
Developers : Juan Rafael Castro
Web Site : www.indexyourfiles.com
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Wine)

Angry Birds

What do you do if your pet was stolen a bunch of eggs green pork fat to be used as breakfast? No doubt you will be angry and tried to retake the eggs that had been stolen the pig was not cunning? That's just a story of the opening game Angry Birds. Where is a funny collection of birds swelled, turned into a grumpy group of birds which destroy the kingdom of lustful pigs these cunning thieves.

This game consists of seven birds with super abilities are different. By using slingshots, you can control the jump and the height of ill-tempered birds to tear down the building where the collection of green pork fat is shelter.

At a certain level of cunning pigs beat the difficulty level will increase, even so cunning they secure themselves from the debris by using a helmet, so you need specific techniques to defeat. At certain levels where there is the King of pigs that is very hard to beat, then the seven kinds of ill-tempered birds would cooperate to defeat an opponent to the death.

If you do not succeed destroy the gang green pig, you'll be given the opportunity to repeat it over and over again. But if all you conspiracy Killing pigs, and you still have the birds are left, then you will get 10,000 points per bird was left.

Angry Game Birds is a game designed by the game developer Rovio to Apple the IOS platform. But because this game is addict, then this game Hayal not easily attract 10 million downloads since it first launched. The popularity of games that require only a memory capacity of 14MB, the current can also be enjoyed by users of Android and Nokia smartphones.

For future plans, Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio CEO, plans to bring the bird hotheaded to be played directly through the PS3 gaming console, the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and the Wii. Not only there alone, he also plans to launch a sequel to the game Angry Birds by lifting the story from the viewpoint of super pigs are angry because they disturbed the tranquility of the region, "Angry Pigs."

Tank Hero ( The Shoot Games)

For fans of shooting games, you seem to have to try this one game, Tank Hero. Permaian who attended the android platform, seems to have started also mushroomed. Recorded at more than 50ribu downloaders and got 4.5 stars.

Hero Tank display tank with a variety of colors, namely the Green Tanks, Tank Blue, Yellow Tank, Red Tank, and maybe there will be other colors. CHIP tried in a few hours to mamainkannya and addict signs already present when you start the game.
Green Tank is a tank that we control, can fire a bullet horizontally, vertically, diagonally or reflected. For other colors, is owned by enemy tanks. Blue Tank has a similar ability as such Tank that you control. For Yellow Tank, have shot a bigger and can move faster. And at levels above 10, you will find Red Tank, who can shoot the rebound, so you see his shot like a glimpse through the wall of defense. Red Tank movement is much faster than other color tanks.

Hero Tank CHIP play this on android smart phone for 2 to 3 hours and only reached level 14. Opponents became increasingly rapid movement and function of the touch screen becomes quite complicated, due to a touch-drag function to produce tanks moved forward, but if you do tap will shoot bullets. With this control to a certain level will be lost quickly with your opponent tank movements. Finally, after changing the control to Dual Pad, so that at the lower left side will show the cursor to control the tank, and at the upper right side will appear to control the direction mengedalikan shots, and tap functions remain to shoot.

Curious to destroy tanks, this 3D shape? Immediate download on Android Market with around 6.5 MB berukuraan files and prepare yourself with an interesting musical accompaniment at the beginning and during the game.

Sierra On-Line games on the PC and IPAD

   Click on the image to zoom.

To you who are familiar with the computer world since the 1990s, surely would know that the era of the game made ​​famous by the Sierra Adventure games manifold, call it Police Quest, King's Quest, Space Quest to Leisure Suit Larry. And this time, which has old Sierra games, the iPad again present on the platform with the form and appearance similar to the original.

These games already support a variety of browsers that can use it, such as use with a minimum specification of the browser Firefox 2, IE 6, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Several series of series such as King's Quest series 1 with the title Quest for the Crown, series 2: Romancing the Throne, series 3: To Heir is Human. Also other games like Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, and serial Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel. To adventure in the world of space, comes with Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter and Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge. In the next stage, will appear as well as King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella and much more.

Windows 7 - Disable Live Preview

Disable Create a registry file as above to turn off Live Preview.

Computer feels overwhelmed when you want to access the Live Preview. Whether this function can be disabled?

TIPS Live Preview function is interesting. Why is that? Because through this function, lets you "peek" activity going on in a number of applications on the Taskbar. However, not everyone likes this function because they want to save computer resources or do not like how it looks. Whatever the reason, the Live Preview function you can actually disable the Windows Taskbar. However, the way must be done through the function of Regedit.

First of all, open Regedit application by pressing a key combination [Windows] + [R] to open the window "Run" and type "regedit", then press [ENTER]. If the UAC warning menu appears, you can ignore it by clicking the "Yes" to approve it. On the left menu panel of Regedit, you can access the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced.

Next, right-click an empty section on the right panel of Regedit menu, select "New", then select "DWORD". Name the new entry with "DisablePreviewWindow". After entry was made, double-click the entry. In the column "Value", enter the value "1". When finished, close Regedit window and see the changes in Windows.

Microsoft Word 2007 - Displaying Documents Faster

The draft document fonts Opening the faster and not burdened with the use of feature Draft Font.

The process of opening a document takes a long time. There are many things that burden, one of which the use of type fonts.

Tips document that has many elements tend to require a long loading process because the Word application must recognize these complex arrangements. One element that can burden a document is the use of different types of fonts. The use of fonts and styles in a number of symbols also burden the process of loading a document. One solution offered by Microsoft Word application to ease the process of loading the document is to use the draft font. Through this feature, Word will ignore all the "sweet" contained in the document of yours and replace it with a single bold type font typeface.

If you want to try this feature, the first step you should do is to click on the "Word Options" in the menu Office Orb. In the left panel, open the menu "Advanced". In the right pane, find the menu "Show Document Content." Next, you just make sure that the option box "Use draft font in Draft and Outline Views" has been activated. Save the document and go back to see the difference.

Microsoft Word 2007 - How to Quickly Access a Full Screen

The draft document fonts Opening the faster and not burdened with the use of feature Draft Font.

The process of opening a document takes a long time. There are many things that burden, one of which the use of type fonts.

Tips document that has many elements tend to require a long loading process because the Word application must recognize these complex arrangements. One element that can burden a document is the use of different types of fonts. The use of fonts and styles in a number of symbols also burden the process of loading a document. One solution offered by Microsoft Word application to ease the process of loading the document is to use the draft font. Through this feature, Word will ignore all the "sweet" contained in the document of yours and replace it with a single bold type font typeface.

If you want to try this feature, the first step you should do is to click on the "Word Options" in the menu Office Orb. In the left panel, open the menu "Advanced". In the right pane, find the menu "Show Document Content." Next, you just make sure that the option box "Use draft font in Draft and Outline Views" has been activated. Save the document and go back to see the difference.

Use of Application MOM (Mothers On Mobile) on your Blackberry

Mothers On Mobile (MOM) is a medium of information and interaction that specifically addressed to women and mothers in Indonesia in order to use Blackberry devices to the fullest. MOM comes on the Blackberry mobile platform (for all types), which in future will be present on other platforms, like other operating systems or can be used on the tablet device. Application of MOM can be used for all GSM operators and this application will not interfere with the function of cell phone use, and also the application is also free of viruses and does not affect the performance of the phone.
How to download the application MOM on Blackberry devices:
1. Open the browser icon via Blackberry devices.
2. Type www.mom-id.com/3 and click.
3. Point your cursor on the text options with the Blackberry.
4. Read the Terms and Conditions you select Download.
5. Fill the column with your email address, then select the type of Blackberry that you use, then click the Get MOM! Find guides aplukasi sebalah MOM on the right side of your screen.
6. Do download and wait for a moment in the download.
7. An icon will be added after the download and installation is done, and you can use it.
Do Registration:
1. Discover logo on the screen Blackberry MOM-shaped petals blue and click.
2. Click the Change Permission and wait a moment, then press OK.
3. Choose a New Member? Register here and click.
4. Fill out your personal data, when you finish, click on Register.
5. After the registration process is complete, click on Member Login.
6. Fill in the fields, containing usernames, passwords, hp number, and the application of MOM is ready for use.

MOM has 5 main features, namely: 
1.Top Share
Contains interesting information and tips written by the mothers or mothers through the 'Share It'

Sharing information or tips that can be written by women and mothers. Author information will get points every time a user Silver divide the information through the sharing of ideas, stories, ask questions or mennjawab conversation. Gold points will be given to users when selected writings and go to the feature 'Top Share'.

3.Mom 's Today
Contains the-minute news, presented in 3 kinds of options, namely Super MOM to the information that is suitable for the mothers and families; Hip MOM for mothers who have a variety of daily activities; and Biz MOM for mothers who work in conducting its activities.

Contains about interesting events that can be followed by the women, mothers and families (as in the event of MOM Family Day ).

Comprising of activity among users who can develop the entrepreneurial spirit or transaction, to provide information on shops and malls are related to the needs of mothers and children (such as Bazaar at the familiy Day MOM ).

MOM also provides a complaint or inquiry via the consumer service line at (021) 2995-7499. MOM can be integrated with an account of social networking Facebook and Twitter.
To get more information about MOM, women and mothers can join the MOM up Fanpage ( http://on.fb.me/mom_id ) and Twitter to follow @ MOM_ID .

Buying Guide For Memory Card Reader / Writer

This one object is as important as the memory card. Important because it helps us to move data from memory card to your PC or vice versa. All the data we have the photos, work files, tasks campus, could easily switch places because the memory card reader / writer of this.

If we do not have it, try carefully before buying. There are many types and brands of memory card reader / writer is available in various places. What should we expect?

1. Read info specifications listed in product packaging

On certain products are clearly given any memory card that can be read by the memory card and up to how much capacity memory card is capable of reading data. Read the specifications stated on the product packaging. Generally, for products like memory cards are not available manuals, specification information can be easily found on the front and back of packaging products.

2. Is there a card slot compatible with memory cards that we have.

For example, a memory card that we have the type CF (Compact Flash) then look for a memory card reader that provides a slot for CF. Generally the products listed how many card slots are available for various types of memory cards.

3. Buy a memory card that can read many cards in one particular slot multi-card and read the data simultaneously.

There is already a memory card product that is able to read many types of memory card in one slot. For example, a slot can read the two types of cards, Micro SDHC, and a Micro SD (T-Flash). Or a slot that can read data from SD card, SDHC, Mini SD, Mini-SDHC, MMC, and others. Features multi-card reading at the same time would make the job move data becomes easier and faster. There are three types of memory card reader is a single card (1x SD), multi-card (eg 9 in 1), series cards (eg 4x SD).

4. Note the maximum data capacity that can be transferred according to the information contained on product packaging.

My experience, when I want to do the transfer of data using a memory card could not be due to storage capacity SD memory card while I was 4 Gb memory card reader / writer that I would use only able to accept SD memory cards up to 2 GB maximum.

5. Note also the connection interface

On products that are more recent than previously generally been using a USB type interface 2.o. The transfer of data to use the maximum speed if the memory cards and PC / Mac are both already have a suitable interface connection.

Did you know:
USB 2.o has a data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps 40x faster than USB 1.1 which has a maximum speed of 12 Mbps.

6. Buy as needed

Have you already need a slot for reading data from mobile phone SIM card? If not needed, then the slot is not necessarily exist on the memory card that you will buy. Buy as needed, so you can save money. On certain products targeting the more price-conscious consumers, generally base material product, a USB connector cable is also not too strong and resilient. Consider this before buying, whether the memory cards will be used for "heavy duty" with the routine use of data transferred each day thousands of photos, hundreds of Gigabytes of data with the amount or only occasionally move the photos over the holidays or your favorite mp3 song.

Important note:

Note the location or position when installing the memory card in card slot. If you have not entered your usual misplaced or have not exactly true. Do not be forced to convert because it will damage the foot of the connector or the connector on the card or in part in the card slot memory card reader. In general, memory card reader has been given the image guide mounting the memory card.

For those of you who have experience of the use or want to share a story about a memory card and memory card reader please give comments at the bottom of this article. Thank you.

Add-ons Firefox Being a Performance Bottleneck

Add-ons or additional programs that enrich the features of a browser, its existence is very helpful, But what would happen if the add-ons become over bottleneck the performance of the browser we use? certainly a dilemma, especially if many of the tasks we are helped by the add-ons.

Suppose you are a webdesigner that installing firebugs to mengdekteksi script error that you make, firebugs existence is something very vital but Taukah you if it turns out these add-ons firefox slows performance by up to 70%. For some users this may just feel different to many milli seconds but some users with lower hardware specs would be very influential.

Antispasi solutions and what you can do to overcome this: disabled add-ons that you do not need or enabled only when you need it. because the add-ons will only use resouce when its status enabled, then note the ratings, reviews, and detailed information from an add-ons that you want to add to your firefox.

Here's a list of addons to load the order at the latest:
Click on Image to Zoom.

Preventing Reboot After Installing Windows Update

When you're very much activity with the computer, while the windows have just finished the process of updating the software gives a warning to you to reboot the computer, is something very annoying.

Especially now that you've just found an article that has been hard to find, even when it was discovered the website slow once opened, or you're seeing a very funny video that makes you laugh, or you're chatting with a client with business potential billions of dollars, of course very silly if you are required to reboot the computer. Oohh not ... you may be lazy to open another site earlier, spontaneous humor was not so funny, maybe even billions of dollars were missing a business.

The first thing to do is call an expert trouble shooting, no, you do not have to do that. Here are tips that light you can do yourself for your windows are not forced to reboot.

1. Open your regedit.
2. Follow this navigation HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
3. Create a new DWORD key as shown below, with name NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers with value 1
but in addition to the above this way, you can do temporarily disable this update process. good luck!