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Index Your Files

How to Find Files Fast Having trouble finding files on your computer? If yes, just use the Index Your Files.

This application is very useful if you suddenly remember your memorable photos that have been stored a long time on the computer hard drive and want to look for it. Very useful also if you need a file that is stored somewhere agreement in which the folder.

Sure takes time if you have to look out into the folder one by one. Moreover, if the file that you store the number has tens of thousands of your hard disk with capacities reaching hundreds of gigabytes.

You can just use the search function files in the operating system you use. But, in addition to a long search time, search results will be a list of files by the hundreds, which of course will make you dizzy. Maybe it's time to try the software Indexing Your Files (IYF).

The interface and features contained in this application is very easy to learn. What's more, you can learn to use these applications through a form of flash tutorials that can be accessed through its official website.

The strength of the IYF is the speed of doing the file indexing. To index the drive C: with a capacity of 151 GB with the contents of as many as 218,920 files, we only takes about 7 seconds. The database indexing results is also small, only 4.36 MB. Of course all these calculations depend on the large and the number of capacity digital files stored on your hard disk.

The accuracy and diversity of the search feature by IYF was also deserves thumbs up. Almost all recognize the file type. If you remember the file name you are looking for, just type the name in the fields. Then, click the Search button. The search results will come out soon.

You can even search by modification date or file based on file size you're looking for. You can even find files based on content contained therein. For example, do a search based on the ID3 tags of MP3 files (based on the title song, singer, musical genre) or based on photographic metadata to search results (eg, camera type, exposure level, the amount of ISO).

At the bottom of search results, you can do a preview (the preview). You can view the file search results one after another or simultaneously via the thumbnail view. You can even play a song or movie in this feature.

IYF also have to recognize the hidden files (hidden files). The speed of the search itself depends on the type and search restrictions that you apply. (Singgih WM - Contributor)


IYF has many advantages, ranging from views that are easy to learn, speed indexing and search, the accuracy of the results, various features of the search limits, until the facility Preview. There is also a portable version of the IYF to put into flash. Freeware been translated into 14 languages ​​can be used as one of the must-have software.

Specifications Index Your Files
Type: Freeware
Great Installer : 1.4 MB
Developers : Juan Rafael Castro
Web Site : www.indexyourfiles.com
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Wine)

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