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MojoPac Freedom USB 1.8

MojoPac Freedom USB 1.8

Almost all portable applications are freeware. Up to the time this article was written, we have not found commercial application that created the portable version.

Well, what about a solution to bring aplikasiaplikasi paid into the portable storage media and run on any computer?

One alternative that we ask is using the application output RingCube MojoPac.

Broadly speaking, this application will form a virtual environment Microsoft Windows operating system into a portable storage media and allow it to install commercial applications (or noncommercial) is not portable.

Based on testing, we recommend you use a media store that supports USB 2.0 interconnect for execution can be run relatively quickly.

Provide a blank space in the portable media store a minimum of 128 MB only to a virtual operating system. If you want to install additional applications, provide a large enough free space. Instead, use a computer with at least 512 MB RAM and Pentium III-class processor of at least 933 MHz.

If you want to use for free MojoPac, select the installation file package labeled Freedom. Paid version provides security, printing of PDF, the update (update) security signatures, as well as technical support.

Once MojoPac is installed, open the portable storage media. You should see several directories typical Windows XP system, ie Windows, Program Files, Documents and Settings, and temp. Click streak on the Start icon, then the guest operating system (guest OS) Windows XP in MojoPac will run on the host operating system (host OS), which is on the computer. Access the file storage directory nonportabel application installation and install as usual.

Some virtual operating system management operations you can do via the Start menu> Control Panel in the guest OS. To move to the host OS, just click the Host-Switch button at the top of the desktop layer. (Vincent Bayu Tapa Brata)


MojoPac is virtualiasasi solution to carry and run commercial applications (which generally is non-portable) in a portable storage media. Very helpful for computer users with high mobility.



The size of the installation file
22.1 MB.


Operating system
Windows XP.

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