Kamis, 14 April 2011

Microsoft Word 2007 - Displaying Documents Faster

The draft document fonts Opening the faster and not burdened with the use of feature Draft Font.

The process of opening a document takes a long time. There are many things that burden, one of which the use of type fonts.

Tips document that has many elements tend to require a long loading process because the Word application must recognize these complex arrangements. One element that can burden a document is the use of different types of fonts. The use of fonts and styles in a number of symbols also burden the process of loading a document. One solution offered by Microsoft Word application to ease the process of loading the document is to use the draft font. Through this feature, Word will ignore all the "sweet" contained in the document of yours and replace it with a single bold type font typeface.

If you want to try this feature, the first step you should do is to click on the "Word Options" in the menu Office Orb. In the left panel, open the menu "Advanced". In the right pane, find the menu "Show Document Content." Next, you just make sure that the option box "Use draft font in Draft and Outline Views" has been activated. Save the document and go back to see the difference.

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