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Use of Application MOM (Mothers On Mobile) on your Blackberry

Mothers On Mobile (MOM) is a medium of information and interaction that specifically addressed to women and mothers in Indonesia in order to use Blackberry devices to the fullest. MOM comes on the Blackberry mobile platform (for all types), which in future will be present on other platforms, like other operating systems or can be used on the tablet device. Application of MOM can be used for all GSM operators and this application will not interfere with the function of cell phone use, and also the application is also free of viruses and does not affect the performance of the phone.
How to download the application MOM on Blackberry devices:
1. Open the browser icon via Blackberry devices.
2. Type www.mom-id.com/3 and click.
3. Point your cursor on the text options with the Blackberry.
4. Read the Terms and Conditions you select Download.
5. Fill the column with your email address, then select the type of Blackberry that you use, then click the Get MOM! Find guides aplukasi sebalah MOM on the right side of your screen.
6. Do download and wait for a moment in the download.
7. An icon will be added after the download and installation is done, and you can use it.
Do Registration:
1. Discover logo on the screen Blackberry MOM-shaped petals blue and click.
2. Click the Change Permission and wait a moment, then press OK.
3. Choose a New Member? Register here and click.
4. Fill out your personal data, when you finish, click on Register.
5. After the registration process is complete, click on Member Login.
6. Fill in the fields, containing usernames, passwords, hp number, and the application of MOM is ready for use.

MOM has 5 main features, namely: 
1.Top Share
Contains interesting information and tips written by the mothers or mothers through the 'Share It'

Sharing information or tips that can be written by women and mothers. Author information will get points every time a user Silver divide the information through the sharing of ideas, stories, ask questions or mennjawab conversation. Gold points will be given to users when selected writings and go to the feature 'Top Share'.

3.Mom 's Today
Contains the-minute news, presented in 3 kinds of options, namely Super MOM to the information that is suitable for the mothers and families; Hip MOM for mothers who have a variety of daily activities; and Biz MOM for mothers who work in conducting its activities.

Contains about interesting events that can be followed by the women, mothers and families (as in the event of MOM Family Day ).

Comprising of activity among users who can develop the entrepreneurial spirit or transaction, to provide information on shops and malls are related to the needs of mothers and children (such as Bazaar at the familiy Day MOM ).

MOM also provides a complaint or inquiry via the consumer service line at (021) 2995-7499. MOM can be integrated with an account of social networking Facebook and Twitter.
To get more information about MOM, women and mothers can join the MOM up Fanpage ( http://on.fb.me/mom_id ) and Twitter to follow @ MOM_ID .

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