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Opera 11

Now Richer

Recently launched, Opera 11 has a number of breakthroughs. Breakthrough lies not in appearance, but on functionality.

One of the oldest, but scattered in the back. That was the fate of the Opera browser. Despite having been born 14 years ago, now Opera is still not capable of charming a lot of internet users.

In the past year (November 2009-2010), Norwegian-made browser is as if stuck in fifth position, according to StatCounter. In other words, Opera occupies a role as caretaker than four other top browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even the far left of the "son of garlic", Google Chrome.

Growth in the number of Opera users were volatile. There are times to rise, but slipped a few times. But the score did not change significantly. Opera's market share remained constant at around 2% only. Which skyrocketed even his sister, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Both are very popular among mobile phone users.

Not surprisingly, in recent years, research and development division, based in Oslo Opera to work hard. They seek to create innovative new feature for the alluring, distant markets. Some of them we consider to be most interesting is the Speed ​​Dial (shortcuts to favorite sites), Opera Mail (e-mail client integrated), Opera Turbo (compression of time loading the page so that more hurried), and Opera Unite (file storage in the cloud).

Well, in mid-December, it launched the latest version of Opera browsers, namely Opera 11. To get it, just download the installation file on the site. Big installer for Windows only 7.2 MB - 30% smaller than the Opera 10. There is also a installer for Mac OS and Linux.

Looking at the general appearance, there is no noticeable difference compared to the Opera 10. Default color blue chrome still adorn the window pane. Similarly, relief caused screen display menu and the icons are minimalist.

Opera 11 is more focused on enrichment and enhancement features. One that we like is the existence of plug-ins option on Demand. Checking the box Enable Plug-ins on Demand on the Settings menu> Preferences> Advanced> Content will block the emergence of content that requires a specific plug-ins. The benefit is felt when we opened the webpage that contains one or more Flash animation, such as YouTube or his website Detik.com are often crowded with extensions Flash ads.

Other updates appear in the address box (address box). Opera developers have been more concerned with our safety in the surf. The way through the detection validity and security of every site we visited, are marked with labels Trusted, Secure, or the Web. In addition, Opera gives the spotlight to the site's main domain, thus facilitating the introduction of potential phishing sites.

However, there are three other brand-new feature that we think deserves more attention. All three are Tab Stacking, Mouse Gestures, and Extensions. More detailed reviews we convey in the box at the bottom. (Erry FP)


Since the birth of the 10th version, we have selected Opera as one of your favorite browser. We were impressed by the appearance, convenience, and a number of features integrated in it. The emergence of the Opera 11 increasingly tethered our hearts to him. Provided that the number of application extensions continue to be multiplied rapidly, is not impossible that Opera is able to keep pace than its competitors.

OPERA 11 Specification:

Great Installer
7.2 MB

Opera Software

Web Site

Operating Systems
Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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