Kamis, 14 April 2011

Tank Hero ( The Shoot Games)

For fans of shooting games, you seem to have to try this one game, Tank Hero. Permaian who attended the android platform, seems to have started also mushroomed. Recorded at more than 50ribu downloaders and got 4.5 stars.

Hero Tank display tank with a variety of colors, namely the Green Tanks, Tank Blue, Yellow Tank, Red Tank, and maybe there will be other colors. CHIP tried in a few hours to mamainkannya and addict signs already present when you start the game.
Green Tank is a tank that we control, can fire a bullet horizontally, vertically, diagonally or reflected. For other colors, is owned by enemy tanks. Blue Tank has a similar ability as such Tank that you control. For Yellow Tank, have shot a bigger and can move faster. And at levels above 10, you will find Red Tank, who can shoot the rebound, so you see his shot like a glimpse through the wall of defense. Red Tank movement is much faster than other color tanks.

Hero Tank CHIP play this on android smart phone for 2 to 3 hours and only reached level 14. Opponents became increasingly rapid movement and function of the touch screen becomes quite complicated, due to a touch-drag function to produce tanks moved forward, but if you do tap will shoot bullets. With this control to a certain level will be lost quickly with your opponent tank movements. Finally, after changing the control to Dual Pad, so that at the lower left side will show the cursor to control the tank, and at the upper right side will appear to control the direction mengedalikan shots, and tap functions remain to shoot.

Curious to destroy tanks, this 3D shape? Immediate download on Android Market with around 6.5 MB berukuraan files and prepare yourself with an interesting musical accompaniment at the beginning and during the game.

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